15 days right of return.

  • You have 15 days to return the item since you receive it at home.
  • Send us an email to info@fancystorebyaxel.com with your order number to request the return of the item.
  • We only accept items that have not been used. We recommend that you try on your shoes and walk with them on a soft floor (eg a carpet).
  • Do not cut the labels or stain the article. In case of claim, this will save us time. In case, for example, you prefer another size or color, place a new order in our online store.
  • As soon as we receive the return shipment, you will receive an email with the confirmation of its receipt. After confirmation of the product has been received, the product will be reimbursed in the account used to make the payment.
  • Shipping costs for your purchases will depends on the origin country orders, as showed next: .
  • Spain (only mainland): free of cost
  • Portugal & Balearic Islands: 4.5 € to final price.
  • Canary Islands, Ceuta & Melilla: 10 € to final price.
  • UE : 12 € to final price, except for orders from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, UK & Ucrania, what increments the 10€ previous adding taxes.
  • rest of Europe (outside UE): 12 € to final price.
  • America: +22€ previous adding taxes.

Shipping costs of a devolution/order back , must be in charge of the buyer.

To process the return of a product click here.

If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.