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The scarves created by the designer Ramón Tormes, are manufactured, printed and packaged in Spain. A collection of 5 different models of 60 x 60 cm and 3 models of 27x27 cm made of satin / silk 16mm, in a limited edition of 25 units per model.

Size ratio:

Under the sea. 60x60 cm. 185,00 €

Sireno. 60x60 cm. 185,00 €

Rainbow. 60x60 cm. 185,00 €

Fly Free. 60x60 cm. 185,00 €

Fetish. 60x60 cm. 185,00 €

Mariquitas. 27x27 cm.85,00 €

Insects. 27x27 cm. 85,00 €

Bugs. 27x27 cm. 85,00 €

The price includes shipping costs in certified shipping. In case the client wants it in another type of shipping, the additional cost will be charged to the client.